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Photo by Jim Weber/The Commercial Appeal
Wesley Summers, 13, plays a guitar solo Tuesday afternoon as he and his two brothers, who together make up the band The Summers, perform in Court Square for a mixed crowd of professionals on lunch break and giggling 'tweens.

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Born in Atlanta, Georgia, these three brothers are just 17 months apart in age, but quite diverse in personality. They have always had a creative, artistic trait. Branson, the oldest, took and interest in drums at age 10, immediately finding his passion Brother Wesley, first born of the twin brothers, took his creative nature and showed a desire to play guitar at age 6, although did not take it up formally until age 9. Now he pounds out riffs with the deftness of a seasoned professional. Twin Jared, an avid artist, found his way into music through keyboard lessons. After a year's worth of lessons, the 3 brothers wanted to form a band and joined the local music store's Rock School program to learn how to be a band and to get a taste of performing. It was then that Jared found his niche as a smooth powerful bass guitarist, which suits his demeanor. The brothers gained formal education through private lessons and began performing through the Rock School sponsored events, including additional bookings for 18 months throughout the Louisville/Southern Indiana/Ohio area with a 4th member lead singer. Their classic rock genre was enjoyed by all ages.

With crowds ranging from hundres to as large as 10,000 people, the events that have launched the Summers notoriety include such places as Radio Disney, Six Flags Kentucky Kingdom, 4th Street Live, Hard Rock Cafe, and Kentucky Derby events, just to name a few.  They have also been featured on FOX In The Morning's Louisville Music Showcase. Other publicity includes morning segments on WLKY TV, WAVE3 TV, Velocity Magazine, the Courier-Journal and Southern Indiana Tribune.  In January 2006, the foursome won an international "Best Band Photo" Contest, featured in Pearl Jam's DEEP fan club magazine and website.

Although they were enjoying "success," the Summers boys decided to reinvent themselves as a 'brothers' band, and to take their band to a more professional musician level. They agreed to a performance sabbatical, even when their band was beginning to command an almost "Beatle-esque" crowd of screaming teens!  Their goal to develop vocals and techniques would take seven months before arriving to the point where they were ready to showcase their new creation to the public - three unique talents coming together as one. Now they have developed their genre into a more current, upbeat rock style with a hint of punk, fused to create a rather "post punk" attitude that is strong, energetic, and diverse. They are currently beginning to write and develop their own style of music.

These young teens share a common goal to become examples for other teens who may want to explore their own talents, but do not have the courage to pursue them. When they realize their professional vision, they share a desire to support the homeless and positively impact less fortunate individuals with the fruits of their success. At 13, Branson leads the brothers with a strong, mature focus, followed by his creative and impetuous brother, Wesley, 12, and his sensitive, carefree, identical twin, Jared. Collectively, they make up what they believe will be a new rock sensation: THE SUMMERS!

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    Heidi Smith, Special Events Coordinator

The Summers Band

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.WINNER: "Best Band Photo" Contest
(featured in Pearl Jam's DEEP fan club magazine and website.)

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Heidi Smith, Special Events Coordinator

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