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St. Ann's Catholic Church
Memphis Mardi Gras!
February 25th, 2006

The Memphis Sound Band™ performs to an encore Crowd!

Memphis, TN February 26, 2006

The Memphis Sound Band entertained a full crowd at the St. Ann Catholic Church's Annual Mardi Gras Celebration. As promised there was plenty of great food, complimented by offical Mardi Gras King Cakes, and rivers of refreshment!

The Memphis Sound Band™ began their new show just after 7pm. Several early birds hit the dance floor to strut their stuff immediately as the band eased into the evening with some soft soul classics. Heads were bobbing, hands were thumping, and all eyes were on the stage as the band answered some song requests early and showed off great variety: Soul, Motown, Classic Rock, Alternative, and even Country. Well done. Very.

A live DJ kept the energy going during the band breaks and continued to build the dance crowd on the floor. It's good to have a DJ who knows what he's doing - and this guy did! When the band returned for the second set, the stage was set, and the show was on! It was time for a full blown party! R-E-S-P-E-C-T, Hard to Handle, Hold On I'm Comin', Soul Man, Walkin' the Dog, and other great Memphis music favorites made even the last hold-outs give in and join the party on the dance floor! The third set and remainder of the evening continued much the same, with both the DJ and band keeping the dance floor fully occupied.

The Memphis Sound Band™ was all that we had heard they would be! The core of this band is Memphis band Southern Lights which provides years of familiarity among the players. Newly added vocalist Jackie Johnson is undoubtedly one of the finest female vocalists we've heard in a llong, long while! She more than complements Woody Degan's strong and amazingly versatile male vocal, which mostly carried the night.

Together, the two tackle some of music's finest classics - and contemporary songs - with passion and power that is tightly supported beat for beat by a group of hand-picked Memphis musicians: Neal Bowen (Bassist Extraordinaire and the band's Musical Director) Chris Gavin (Guitar) Lafayette Adair (Drums) and Bob Hogue (Saxophone). The drums and bass are as talented and tight as you'll hear anywhere, and the guitar work was from across the spectrum of influence and sound. The live saxophone was indeed L-I-V-E, tastefully enhancing every track. The musical arrangements, both authentic and spontaneous, allotted each musical selection its appropriate time "on the groove," complete with solos, musical variations, and unique vocal presentations. Nothing was more dramatic than the band breaking down songs to an a cappela chorus, with three and four part vocal harmonies bathing the entire room - followed by the band re-joining the vocalists in a big chorus reprise - all while Degan exonerated the crowd to join in, which they gladly did!

As the end time of the event approached, the band just continued to play - and play - and play! They were "just having too much fun," according to lead guitarist Chris Gavin. When Bandleader Woody Degan finally said 'Goodnight' some twenty minutes later, the crowd had other ideas. As chants and cat-calls for an encore grew louder and became more unified, the band-members humbly and graciously re-entered the stage to the sincere applause and appreciation of a truly great audience! The band, true to form, closed out the evening by performing yet another great selection of Memphis Music! What a lot of fun!

Thanks to everyone who worked on this event and made it a complete success! We appreciate YOU!


Memphis Sound Band™ to Headline St. Ann Mardi Gras!

Memphis, TN January 17 2006

A night of dancing, friends, and fun - all for a good cause - awaits you at the Annual Memphis Mardi-Gras Celebration. And, of course,there will be plenty of party beads and King cakes!

The Memphis Sound Band™, featuring premiere R&B/Soul vocalist Jackie Johnson and Southern Lights lead vocalist Woody Degan will be the featured Entertainment! These two are backed up by a band that is second to none, including Memphis guitar (and Catholic) legend Chris Gavin, Bassist Extraordinaire Neal Bowen, Drum Master Lafayette Adair, and Saxophonist Bob Hogue. The live horn accentuates The Memphis Sound Band™'s solid repertoire - from Aretha to Sam & Dave, and Al Green to Wilson Pickett! Great Memphis Music plus all of the rock, soul, and r&b classics you've come to love... As if that's not enough to get the party is jumping, the band will most definitely play all your dance favorites, too! will be producing the event, with sound, lights, special effects, and prizes! Come join us for a great night for a great cause!

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